Updated site

I recently updated my site to bring a fresher, more modern look to it.  I have retained the content of the old site, and also have added a videos page where you can see the 3 videos that I know of that feature CTX.  Two of the videos are the segments from the show Mystery Diagnosis, one that we did that profiles our family, and one that features the Ankar family.  In addition, I added a third video that also profiles the Ankar family and Dr. Michael Steppie, a Florida dermatologist who helped the Ankar family finally find a diagnosis.  2 of these videos are being hosted on my About CTX youtube channel while one is being hosted on vimeo.com.  You can watch them by clicking here or going to my youtube channel.

Lastly, I have added an e-mail contact form to the right side of the page.  This will make it easier for people to send me an e-mail straight from the site.

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