Trip to New York City

We have just gotten back from a trip to New York City.  We had the opportunity to travel there to meet the staff and team behind the CTX project at Retrophin, Inc.

I can’t say enough about the group that has been assembled to head this effort up they are truly a group of compassionate, inspired, and driven individuals.  I feel that they have done more to advocate and push forward CTX awareness and treatment in the month or so that they’ve been involved than has happened in the last several years.  I have high hopes for the future of CTX patients, treatment, and research.

We had a great time touring around the city.  It’s a fun city to people watch and makes one feel dwarfed after being used to Portland.  We got a chance to see Times Square(Ashley’s favorite), Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Center, and some other attractions.  I refused to take a car anywhere because I wanted to see the city from ground level, which included taking the subway, we were lucky enough to catch some of the talented street/subway performers as well.  Our only complaint? BRRRRR it was COLD!

We would love to get back there during a warmer time of year.

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